I’ve loved Doctor Who for most of my life. It is the one constant in my life, the one continuing provider of joy and entertainment and excitement in my life. I grew up in the wilderness years that Doctor Who was off TV. I remember vague reruns in my childhood, hazy memories of Grey Daleks in Black and White, I still don’t know what episode it was, I think it may have been a Pertwee episode.

I was 15 years old when the first series of the revival aired. I was captivated, and have kept up ever since. But I’ve always wanted more, more stories, more Doctors, so I started watching classic Doctor Who, and despite their somewhat cheap looking effects, and hit and miss scripts, I was captivated. But as I collected more stories, I quickly noticed, as many other have when starting to delve into the 50 years of history, that the Eighth Doctor had a lackluster single story to his name.

Then I learned about the amazing people who had kept Doctor Who alive all those years I was growing up. It may had not have been on telly, but in other media, it was in a renaissance, with many of the people who made the new series getting their first shot at writing for the Doctor. And that for a long time, the Eighth Doctor was the current doctor, carrying the flame for the fandom.

As I got more of his stories, I fell more and more in love with Paul McGann’s Doctor. Dry and sarcastic and full of joy at the world, I couldn’t get enough of his Doctor. Be it in audio, book, comic, I want to check it out.

And so, here we are. A ridiculous project to get’em all.