Online, Ebay to be exact. The special edition that came with the Revisitations 1 Boxset. (Which, if you’ve not got and are interested in old who, pick up. It has three top stories in it, with arguably the best story, or at least best shot in the original run, The Caves of Androzani.) Boxset goes for 15-20 quid these days, which may sound pricy for three stories but all three are worth having.

So What Is It?

A 85 minute tv movie, made in the mid nineties as a backdoor pilot for an American doctor who series. It is very, very 90’s. How 90’s? Let me show you.


Well, it is essentially what they could have gotten wrong with the relaunch in 2005. The TV Movie is very similar to the new series, but not quite there, and fails more than it succeeds but you can see the DNA of the new show here. It’s alot more action packed, fast paced, the doctor is more heroic, more active. It was the first bit of Who to include the Doctor having a kiss. But there are missteps, having the doctor regenerate mid story and spend most of the running time not being the doctor. It is nineties as fuck, with its bombastic music and naff clothes, it just feels very of the time. It was a mixed blessing, on the one hand, we were left without who for another 9 years, but had the series been picked up, we wouldn’t have had any of the last ten years or so and instead had alot more dodgy stuff involving the Doctor’s backstory and father and such. As it is, Paul Mcgann only hits his stride in the last third of the movie, and as fantastic as Grace and Chang Lee are as companions, we only see them with the doctor working together for about 10 minutes at most, and that’s a real fucking shame.

What Happens?

The Seventh Doctor is tasked with taking The Master’s remains from the Daleks home Planet Saron to their home Planet Galifrey. Naturally, The Master isn’t Dead and forces the doctor to crash land in 1999 San Francisco, days before the millennium. Landing in the middle of a triad gang War involving Chang Lee, the Doctor is gunned down and left for dead.

Is It Good?